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Malrico transfer tubs 

state-of-the-art 2020 design 

tub of choice for Hopital du Suroit in Valleyfield and convent in Gatineau

!! fastest draining as fast as 60 seconds !!  !! Deepest tubs for your most luxurious soaking experience !!

what is a transfer tub ? it's a walk in tub with a large outswing door where the seat is exposed when you open the door, you first sit down, slide your legs in and then close the door

Main Features :

-Deepest tubs with water up to 16 inches above the seat a​s opposed to 13 for your most relaxing bathing experience

-2 locking latch pins that create an equal pressure door seal, not just 1 pin

-Tub door bolted to tub shell, not just screwed on

-Fastest gravity drains at 60 seconds in optimal conditions

-Fastest fill faucets rated up to 18 gallons per minute

-Easy to use non intrusive door latch

-Heavy duty door and hinges

-5 tub sizes to choose from  26 x 52, 30 x 52, 30 x 60, 32 x 52, 36 x 55

-Thickest acrylic shell and sturdier support frame

-More jets for a full body massage

-4 whirlpool jets just for the feet, 2 lower jets are angled for easy reach under the feet

-7 jets for your back...WOW

-2 jets for your calves....

-Lowest entry step threshold at 4 inches

-Easiest tubs to get in and of of in the industry especially for those in wheelchairs

Options available:

NEW: deck mounted t.v. now available                                                 Micro Bubbles shower head

4 fold shower doors                                                                                       Chroma therapy light

Heated air jet system with self purging feature                                Aromatherapy

Whirlpool jets with inline heater and ozonator                                Blue Tooth speaker system

Micro bubbles system                                                                                   Some customization is available upon request

Heated seat and backrest                                                                            Harnesses for those with special needs

Seat cushions and head rest pillows                                                      Choice of faucets on some models

Independent foot massage

Malrico Transfer Tubs

See how easy it is to sit down and swing your legs in. This is due to the much exposed seat and extra low threshold. The door latch is the easiest to use of all tubs with outswing doors and non intrusive for assisted bathing. Stop by our showroom and try it out for yourself.